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A House Builder’s Guide to Viewing Display Homes

Inspecting display homes can be exciting as you wander through various exquisite interiors and cute landscaped gardens and imagine what it would be like to live in a brand new, personally styled version of the same space. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty of choosing between different display homes to reach a design that suits your needs exactly, the inspection process can become a little more complicated. Here we have collected some insider tips from the house builder’s perspective to help you make the best choices when viewing display homes.


    • Be Prepared! House builders know that accuracy and precision is needed in all areas of designing and constructing a new home, and they never turn up unprepared for a job. When viewing display homes you should take a leaf out of the house builder’s book and come prepared with a digital camera, notebook and pen and even a measuring tape to get a true ‘feel’ of the space and to make sure you don’t forget any details.


    • Make a Pros and Cons List Using your notepad to make a quick list of pros and cons of each display home on the spot can be useful. This will train you to look at each different home with a more critical eye, in a manner similar to an experienced house builder, and will help you summarise your sometimes complex initial impressions of a space.


    • Consider Location Obviously when judging a house builder’s skills from a display home inspection you won’t have a chance to talk to your neighbours or get a feel for the location. Because display homes exist in their own little villages, it is important to try to envisage how the home will look in the neighbourhood or location you are hoping to live in. Home builders recommend that you choose a style similar to other homes on your street to ensure a cohesive feel.


  • Quiz the Display Agent or Salesman When inspecting a display home you are not only choosing a space to live in, but also the people that will be constructing it. It is important therefore that you make an effort to communicate with your potential Home builders. Ask questions about customisability, dimensions and availability. Even if you already have a good idea of the answers it can be helpful just to get a friendly response from the house builders you will be working with.


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